Philip Hammond: “We have No Choice”

On the Armed Forces redundancies being announced today Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: “Difficult decisions had to be taken in the SDSR to deal with the vast black hole in the MoD budget. The size of the fiscal deficit we inherited left us no choice but to reduce the size of the Armed Forces”. He also went on to say, “The redundancy programme will not impact adversely on current operations…More information »

RAF Redundancy – Another 1,000 likely to Go

The Redundancy announcement will be made later this morning but it is widely expected that a further 1,000 will go from the RAF. This is another bitter blow for the Service. Volunteers are being asked for but in the event of there not being enough personnel in the right fields willing to go, compulsory redundancy will again take place. The last tranche of redundancies saw half of the requirement go against their will…More information »

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