RAF Families Federation give an Update on BFBS

Patrick Eade of BFBS interviews Ann Dewar, Comms Manager at the Federation, on the latest work going on on behalf of RAF Families. Subjects discussed include the latest survey results on Pay, Pension, X-factor, redundancies, the Federation survey coming up in Sep on the support to RAF Families and the Federation’s magazine Envoy…More information »

Future Accommodation -Your views go to MoD

Housing and accommodation issues dominate the Federation database. On the policy front, families are becoming more frustrated with current regulations and frequently implore the Federation to challenge the existing rules. Taking action – The Federation produces a number of evidence reports based on the concerns raised and this report to the Future Accommodation Project (FAP) team is a welcome opportunity to ensure the ‘light blue’ perspective on accommodation is represented at the highest levels. There may be differences in opinion between the Services but that is for the FAP team to take into account when coming up with an accommodation Strategy to suit the Armed Services of the future. As well as the report, read the comments made by those who completed the RAF FF Future Accommodation survey. They demonstrate the strength of feeling evoked by this subject…More information »

Last Day of our Competition to Win tickets for RIAT

Your chance to win a pair of tickets to see the action. The organisers of the Royal International Air Tattoo have very kindly offered a pair of tickets to attend RIAT on Sunday 17th July 11, (worth £78). All you have to do is to find Bobby the Brave on one of the Federation website pages and answer the question he asks. Click on the link to send your answer, name and contact number. Closing date for the draw is 9am on Wed 13 Jul 11…More information »

Find Bobby the Brave amongst our website pages for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Royal International Air Tattoo on Sun 17 Jul 11. Closing date 9am Wed 13 Jul 11. Good Luck!  www.raf-ff.org.uk

Our Stories in RAF News – Falling Foul of the Great Divide

Dear Families Federation, I write to inform you (objectively) how our assignment from Scotland to England hindered us. While in Scotland, our son was referred to a paediatrician. A referral allowed us access to occupational therapy, speech therapy, a play specialist and a health visitor which was just what we needed and we were impressed. The paediatrician thought our son probably had autism. At about the same time, my husband was posted. My husband did request we stay in the Grampian region but was told, “There are NHS doctors wherever you are sent. ”After moving, all the Oxfordshire services placed us on waiting lists. We tried in vain to get him seen. There is no preference for RAF families, despite the policy letter suggesting as such, but they would not budge. The authorities stated the reports from Scotland were invalid. We found we were repeating the same information over and over again. I felt as if we were being treated with disdain and no compassion. It is stressful to move for any Service family, but for a special needs family, it is mind boggling…More information »

“Go On-line and Get Involved”

Jenny Ward, Evidence Manager at the RAF Families Federation, in an interview with BFBS Radio, encourages RAF Serving personnel and their families to ‘Go on-line and get involved’ and particularly wished to encourage personnel and family members to complete the Federation’s newly launched on-line surveys. Jenny was attending a families event at Brize Norton organised by Mel Bushnell of the HIVE. Jenny said: “We are promoting our on-line survey activity. The surveys are password protected and will be rolled out across the RAF over the next few months but if anyone is really keen to come on-line and tell us what they think now then give the team a call and they will provide the password”.Shirley Swain asked Jenny the issues the Federation was coming up against at the moment, about the impact of SDSR, the move from Lyneham to Brize, future housing and other issues of concern…See full details

Our Stories in RAF News – I am Absolutely Petrified

The wife of a serviceman is petrified about what is going on. She worries that after a long commitment to the RAF her husband could lose his job. She worries that he may not even qualify for a full pension if he isn’t allowed to reach his full-term exit point.  She fears the Government will change the allowances so we won’t get the resettlement money they were counting on to get a mortgage after years of living in SFA.  Click for story

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