Service Pupil Premium Extended

It has been announced that the Service Pupil Premium is being extended to state-maintained schools in England. Children of military personnel who have died in service will be eligible and children of military personnel will continue to qualify up to six year after their parents have left the Armed Forces. The amount paid to schools for each eligible child will increase to £300 in 2013-14. Let the school know by 17 Jan 13…More information »

Policy Change to the Residential Support Scheme

The Residential Support Scheme provides help with the accommodation costs of learners aged 16 and over, who need to live away from home to study because their course is not available locally. The MoD have worked with the Young People Learning Agency and the Department for Education to address an existing unfairness for those serving overseas and have now secured an agreement to make them eligible for RSS…More information »

Irritation at CEA is posted on Facebook

A member of Facebook has posted a piece on the RAF Families Federation wall on the subject of CEA. It reads: “I am disgusted with the RAF at the moment and the whole boarding school allowance! Looks like they are trying to take it off all ground crew so its now turning it into a them and us allowance! In the process they are putting stress on families especially those who have had to take there child out of boarding… Chairman of the RAF FF, Dawn McCafferty responds, in part Dawn agrees by saying “Whilst the perceived lack of future mobility undermines an on-going entitlement to CEA, to remove a child who has already settled into a boarding environment when the serving parents were previously assessed as mobile, is to jeopardise the very continuity of education the allowance was supposed to deliver …More information »

CEA Review Announcement – TOMORROW

The long awaited Review into Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is expected to be made tomorrow – Thu 13 Oct 11. It will be delivered as a written Parliamentary Statement. This Review follows the changes made to the CEA rules in Dec 10 and has been awaited for some time. As soon as we know the detail we will publish it on the site…More information »

“Some Good Practise”

In the third Ofsted report on the effectiveness of welfare and duty of care for recruits and trainees in Armed Forces grades of ‘satisfactory’ or better with examples of good practise have been awarded. Andrew Robathan said: “There is clearly room for improvement. Resourcing and operational requirements continue to impact on the Armed Forces and the training environment is not exempt from these pressures…More information »

Does your Child’s School know about the £3 million?

The SoS for Defence has announced a £3M fund to assist schools, with children whose parents are in the Armed Forces to help mitigate the impact of increased mobility, unit moves or the effects of deployments. The Fund is separate and additional to the Pupil Premium. HQs, Units and Service parents are being urged to ensure that the schools in their area are aware of the fund and to make a bid if approriate…More information »

CEA Review Announcement Expected

It now seems likely that Ministers will be announcing the conclusions of the review into the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) next Tue 28 Jun, by means of a Written Parliamentary Statement. We will bring you more up-to-date news as we receive it…More information »

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