99 Sqn update from Evreux Airbase

99 SQNRAF C-17 operations in support of the French military in Mali are continuing from Evreux Airbase near Paris. Since the short notice commencement of Op Newcombe, C-17 Globemaster aircraft operated by 99 Sqn have been flying 5000 mile round trip missions on a near daily basis. Wg Cdr Simon Bellamy said: “I genuinely think the French have warmed to us and enjoyed having us around…See full details


NEWCOMBEThe National Security Council are meeting to discuss the situation in Mali amid continuing ministerial assurances that UK ground forces will not be drawn into the combat operation against al Qaida-backed rebels. OC 99 Sqn, Wg Cdr Stu Lindsell, said: “We started doing some contingency planning on Saturday… the first aircraft left within 24 hours…I have been very impressed by how everyone on the sqn…More information »

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