First Lightning Lands in the UK

lightningThe first of Britain’s new supersonic ‘stealth’ strike fighters has touched down in the UK for the first time. The F-35B Lightning II jet was flown by RAF pilot Squadron Leader Hugh Nichols on its first transatlantic crossing, accompanied by two… More information

MOD announces investment boost

MARHAMThe Ministry of Defence (MOD) has announced contracts worth £167 million to upgrade and build new facilities at RAF Marham, the future home of the… More information

RAF Marham centenary launch takes off

marhamMarham Aerodrome was first opened in 1916 as a military landing ground for the Royal Flying Corps and served as a base for various aircraft, including… More information

Coronation St joins in at RAF Marham’s Family Christmas Party

MARHAMCoronation Street star, Antony Cotton, made a surprise appearance at a Christmas party hosted… More information

Tonka Tails take to the Skies

TONKARoyal Air Force Marham saw a historic event last week as four of it’s Tornado GR4 aircraft, alongside a fifth aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth, took part in a routine training sortie with a twist… More information

RAF Benevolent Fund thanked by family for their support

BEN FUNDA family has thanked an RAF charity for its help since a boy was diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting disease, as the 11-year-old starts his first day at… More information

II(AC) Sqn re-role and reformation of 12(B) Sqn

TYPHOONRAF Marham hosted an historic event at the base today with the re-role of II(AC) Sqn to become the 5th Typhoon Squadron and the reformation of 12(B) Sqn as the continuation of the third frontline Tornado Squadron… More information

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