MOD announces €200m Typhoon capability upgrade for the RAF.

TYPHOONAlongside a number of avionics system upgrades, the contract will see the integration of the Brimstone 2 missile onto the… More information

£35M contract secures RAF’s Brimstone missiles

BRIMSTONEThe MoD is investing £35 million to sustain the RAF’s stockpile of Brimstone missiles. A contract with British defence firm MBDA will guarantee the supply of weapons for the next five years. Carried by RAF Tornados, Brimstone has been… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

MoD Announces £14 million Brimstone Contract

BRIMSTONEA new £14 million contract to deliver hundreds of precision attack weapons to the RAF has been announced by the MoD. The Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone (DMSB) missile allows RAF crews to engage moving or static targets by day or night with pin point accuracy and is already used by RAF Tornado aircraft in Afghanistan and were used on operations over Libya. Wg Cdr Andy Turk said: “It is very popular with air crews…More information »

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