MoD Pay £1.1m for the advice to sell Harrier

The media, including the Telegraph, London Evening Standard and Mail are today reporting that consultants were paid £1.1m to provide ‘commercial advice’ to the MoD to cut the Harriers and sell them to the States. A MoD spokesman said: “The amount spent on the necessary commercial advice represents just 0.1% of the total £1bn savings made from the sale and early retirement of the Harrier…More information »

Harrier Fleet Sale to US goes Through

The MoD has sold its fleet of Harrier aircraft to the US for $180m. Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology said: “Harrier served this country with great distinction, but retiring it eight years earlier than planned was the right decision. Had we taken the decision to decommission Tornado instead we would not have been able to carry out the missions simultaneously in Libya and Afghanistan…More information »

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