Our Stories in RAF News – I am Leaving and I am Just Not Prepared…

Dear Families Federation, I am about to leave the RAF at my 22-year point and have suddenly realised how badly prepared I am for the transition to civilian life. I am divorced and find myself with 64% of my pension allocated to my ex-wife, as well as the family home, which she kept when we separated. I live in the Block so have no home to go to. Although I have a new partner, she lives in Housing Association accommodation with her children and if I were to move in, this would impact on her entitlement to benefits, something I don’t wish to inflict on her. I have no job to go to although I am going on a series of training courses so hope that will help. At the moment I’m facing a very uncertain future and I wonder if you can help?…More information »

Smoothing the Way – Resettlement

The Career Transition Partnership is an initiative between the MoD and Rights Coutts Ltd and is intended to provide a resettlement service to eligible service leavers. Resettlement is designed to smooth the way for those leaving the Service and to move successfully into a second career appropriate to the individual’s skills, knowledge, experience and aspirations…More information »

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