Minister visits RAF Cadets and volunteers in Scotland

cadetsMinister for Reserves, Julian Brazier, has visited RAF Kirknewton to see how RAF Air Cadets and volunteers gain… More information

504 Sqn Reservists meet Minister for Reserves at RAF Wittering

504 sqnRoyal Air Force Reservists of 504 (County of Nottingham) Squadron at RAF Wittering were visited by the Minister for Reserves… More information

Minister for Reserves visits RAF Reserves media specialists

Minister for Reserves Mr Julian Brazier visiting RAF Media Reserves at RAF Halton on 24 Jan 2015.The Minister for Reserves, Julian Brazier MP, had an opportunity to see one of the Royal Air Force’s newest Reserve units at RAF Halton on Saturday 24 January. Mr Brazier visited RAF Media Reserves to learn how the RAF’s… More information

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