A new pay model for the Armed Forces

FALLONThe Services have agreed a new model to simplify and modernise pay for Armed Forces personnel… More information

Tackling Commercial Disadvantage for Service Families Overseas

OVERSEASArmed Forces families posted overseas will be able to suspend their mobile phone contracts, the Defence Secretary has… More information

We must support the Armed Forces who keep us safe

HAMMONDIn an exclusive article in The Telegraph, Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, says everyone in government must “wake up” to the need to support the Armed Forces and their… More information

Federations mentioned at PMQT

Members of all three services gathered at Kandahar Air base to pay their respects during a service of Remembrance in November 2014.The Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP pays tribute to the Armed Forces and Reserves. On Wednesday in Prime Ministers Question Time the… More information

An independent voice

Service ComplaintsNicola Williams – the new Service Complaints Commissioner (SCC) for the Armed Forces explains what makes her tick, what she feels she brings to her role and the difference she can make to our Serving personnel and… More information

Breaking News: MOD responds to BBC Today Programme Tuesday 19 May

MODThis morning the BBC’s Today Programme features a report on allegations about sexual harassment in Armed Forces. Here’s… More information

Successful Armed Forces employment programme extended

JOBSEEKERSA programme that helps jobseekers who are interested in the Armed Forces get into work will be rolled out following a pilot scheme. The Armed Forces Employability Pathway (AFEP) allows eligible jobseekers to… More information

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