Britain’s best kept secret – State boarding schools

CEASThere are many reasons for choosing a state boarding school for your child. With the New Employment Model bringing in longer… More information

‘MoD spends £440 million on school fees…’

modIt has been reported that MoD has spent £440 million in the past 4 years on school fees for the children of military personnel and civil servants. In response the MoD issued the following… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

CEA Regulations have changed

CEAThe aim of Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is to assist Service Personnel achieve continuity of education for their children that would otherwise be denied in the… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

Our Stories in RAF News

RAF NEWSOur Stories in RAF News – We often hear from serving personnel who have claimed, or tried to claim, allowances, such as Disturbance Allowance or the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) as they believed they are entitled only to discover later on that they are not. In many instances it is because of a particular family circumstance or because they do not meet the criteria. Some cases then require the service person to repay monies or…More information »

Found Guilty of fraudulently Claiming CEA

CROWNA senior Army officer has been found guilty at Swindon Crown Court of falsely claiming Continuity of Education Allowance to the tune of £188,000. Lt Col Robert Henry Jolleys was claiming CEA to send his three children to school at Stonyhurst College but failed to report a change of circumstances when he and his wife separated…More information »

Our Stories in RAF News – Is Anyone Thinking about the Children?

A worried mum tells of the issues with her daughter who has had to be taken out of boarding school because her husband’s assignment has been reassessed as ‘stable’ from a CEA perspective.  The family accept the reason for withdrawing funding, but are worried about the major and negative impact on their child.  After spending four years in the system the daughter is finding it really hard to settle, is anxious and depressed. This worried mum wants those who make the rules about continuity of education to realise the impact that moving a young child from a secure environment can have on those the system is looking to protect. Click here

The Federation is Voicing Your Opinions

The Federation is your voice – so what has it been saying of late? In this latest Federation update we report on the high level activity of: the continuing fall-out from the SDSR; A ‘Where are we Now?’ on the Armed Forces Covenant and what the Federation is contributing; Our views on the review of CEA and where it is heading; Our input into the Future Accommodation Project Team; The conferences, meetings, briefings we have attended and the units we have visited. We also report on subjects being reported to us and what we are doing with the information and we give an update on our Communications strategy. It is worth having a quick scan and perhaps you too can add to our evidence by giving your opinion, as it all adds weight to the arguments we are putting forward on your behalf. Click on the brown ‘Have your Say’ block above. Those at the top don’t want our views, they want yours…More information »

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