Anna Soubry to become first female Defence Minister

DEFENCE MINISTERIn his reshuffle of ministers, David Cameron has appointed MP for Broxtowe, Anna Soubry to becomes the first female MP to be made a defence minister. Anna Soubry moves… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

Growth of RAF Typhoon Force in Scotland

TYPHOONArmed Forces Minister Andrew Robathan has paid a visit to RAF Leuchars to witness first-hand the progress that the RAF has made in growing the Typhoon Force in Scotland. Andrew Robathan said: “It has been hugely reassuring and heartening for me to meet and talk to the men and women of RAF Leuchars who, every day of the year, maintain the highest levels of readiness in carrying out this vital role. They are professional and dedicated…See full details

A Reshuffle for the MoD

In the Government reshuffle the Prime Minister’s Office has announced a change to the ministerial team at the MoD. Under the Sec of State for Defence, The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP now sit two Ministers of State: Rt Hon Andrew Robathan MP and Rt Hon Mark Francois MP. There are now three Parliamentary Under Secretaries of State – Dr Andrew Murrison MP, Philip Dunne MP and Lord Astor of Hever DL…More information »

What the RAF FF Chairman has been telling the Minister

This week the three Service Families Federations had their 6-monthly Forum with the Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare & Veterans, Andrew Robathan MP. The RAF FF Chairman, Dawn McCafferty took the opportunity to brief the Minister on current RAF family-related concerns including, Family Morale, Service Complaints, DIO and HASC issues and the RAF FF survey on Impact of the SDSR and the AF Covenant…More information »

“Families Federations are very important in the formation of policy”

Andrew Robathan MP has visited the RAF Families Federation. The Minister was introduced to the team of eight staff who demonstrated how they gather evidence from family members and briefed the Minister on their plans for 2012. The Minister said: “I welcome the opportunity to visit the RAF Families Federation, and I value greatly the work that they do. I recognise it remains a very unsettling time for many Service families. As we continue to transform Defence, the advice of all three Families Federations will continue to play a very important part in the formulation of future policy and I pay tribute to the excellent work of everyone involved…More information »

Increasing Understanding of the Armed Forces

The MoD has announced the first community projects to receive Covenant funding. Each project benefits both Armed Forces personnel and the civilian population. Andrew Robathan said: There is already a deep respect of our Armed Forces and these projects will help to provide a greater understanding of Service life and enmesh the ties between military personnel and the civilian population…See full details

Meeting with the Minister

This week Chairman of the RAF Families Federation, together with the other her opposite numbers in the Army and Naval FFs, met with Andrew Robathan MP, Minister for Defence Personnel Welfare and Veterans and took full advantage of the opportunity to ensure he fully appreciated the family perspective on military life. During the meeting Dawn brought up the subjects of Pay and Allowances; the impact of SDSR; MoD Accommodation and the Armed Forces Covenant. Also discussed were the New Employment Model and resettlement. Dawn’s full notes on the meeting are included here. If you would like your views to be represented at the next Family Forum with the Minister, tell us what you think…See full details

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