CEA Review Announcement – TOMORROW

The long awaited Review into Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is expected to be made tomorrow – Thu 13 Oct 11. It will be delivered as a written Parliamentary Statement. This Review follows the changes made to the CEA rules in Dec 10 and has been awaited for some time. As soon as we know the detail we will publish it on the site…More information »

CEA Review Announcement Expected

It now seems likely that Ministers will be announcing the conclusions of the review into the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) next Tue 28 Jun, by means of a Written Parliamentary Statement. We will bring you more up-to-date news as we receive it…More information »

CEA – Where are we Now?

The RAF FF Chairman has attended a meeting at MoD on the on-going Review of Children’s Education Allowance (CEA). NO decisions have yet been made as to how the allowance will be changed in order to deliver necessary cost savings. Options are still being staffed and costed and it will be for Ministers, advised as appropriate by the Service Personnel Board and the Chiefs of Staff, to make decisions as to the future scope of this allowance. The Chairman welcomed the chance to continue to influence this important review and wanted to assure readers that the evidence provided by all those who took the time to get in touch with the Federation has been reflected in the discussions. As soon as we have information on the outcome of this Review, we will provide details via our website and magazine. Only time will tell to what extent the Ministers have been prepared to listen…More information »

This Mornings News Furore

This mornings news furore on the crisis of morale within the Armed Forces was sparked by the Royal British Legion’s accusation that the Government had reneged on the Military Covenant. The Army Families Federation Chief Exec then took up the mantle to talk about CEA (Board) and the results of their own survey on the subject widening it in some interviews to represent wide dissatisfaction and low morale…More information »

Children’s Education Allowance (Board) – What is Happening?

Many RAF family members have contacted us to express concerns about the on-going review of the CEA (Board), with the current DASA survey creating particular anxiety. The RAF FF Chairman met with the Head of the Review Team, Mr Martin Fuller, at MoD on Tue 8 Feb and received a comprehensive brief on the methodology behind the Review. Mr Fuller confirmed that he was under remit to reduce the cost of the allowance and his Review. Whilst conducted at a faster pace than he would wish, he is examining a very wide range of options, all of which need to be costed and then presented to the Ministers, with appropriate staffing via the command chain of each Single Service before any decisions are made…More information »


Service personnel who are in receipt of CEA and a random selection of non-claimants have been asked to complete a questionnaire on the allowance. The survey originates from an independent organisation feeding the current review on CEA. The Federation has had sight of the survey and considers it to include leading questions and are keen to hear the views of those who have been asked to complete it…
More information »

Allowances – Chances are we will know by the Weekend

The Allowance Package is being overhauled as part of the SDSR cutbacks. Preliminary announcements on CEA(Board) have already been made and it is expected that the details of the cuts and changes to all other allowances will be announced imminently. These changes will effect everyone serving. As soon as we have the details we will make them available on the site…More information »

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