Westminster Honours RAF support to Mali

MALIA VIP reception has been held at the Palace of Westminster to honour the RAF’s support to the French forces fighting insurgents in Mali. The Mali Homecoming Reception was held for… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

RAF Sentinel comes home

SENTINELA RAF Sentinel surveillance aircraft has returned back to the UK after nearly four months on operations to return security and stability to Mali. The Sentinel R1 touched down at its home base at RAF Waddington to be welcomed by senior officers who paid… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

Defence Secretary pays tribute to personnel tackling insurgents in West Africa

DEFENCEDefence Secretary pays tribute to personnel tackling insurgents in West Africa. Secretary of State for Defence Philip Hammond has paid tribute to the Armed Forces personnel helping to tackle insurgents in West Africa after a visit to Senegal and Mali. Mr Hammond was in the region to witness first hand the work of… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

RAF Support African Mission

AFRICANA RAF C17 aircraft has flown troops from Ghana to Bamako as part of the UK’s support for the international intervention in Mali. The move was in response to a Ghanaian request. Peter Jones, British High Commissioner to Ghana, said: “This is a moment where the international community is coming together for a shared challenge…See full details

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99 Sqn update from Evreux Airbase

99 SQNRAF C-17 operations in support of the French military in Mali are continuing from Evreux Airbase near Paris. Since the short notice commencement of Op Newcombe, C-17 Globemaster aircraft operated by 99 Sqn have been flying 5000 mile round trip missions on a near daily basis. Wg Cdr Simon Bellamy said: “I genuinely think the French have warmed to us and enjoyed having us around…See full details

Defence Secretary clear about risk of Mission Creep

DEFENCEIn response to an urgent question in the House of Commons, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has confirmed the UK military commitment and numbers of Service personnel, aircraft and equipment assisting the situation in West Africa. He also very clear about the the risks of mission creep…More information »

350 Military Personnel to deploy to Mali

MALI3Downing Street has announced that 350 UK military personnel are to deploy to Mali and West Africa to support French forces. Also offered were: the continued deployment of the RAF C17 and Sentinel aircraft; allowing the US to operate air refuelling platforms from the UK…The UK also offered to set up a combined joint logistics HQ in Mali but the French have declined this offer…More information »

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