Enhanced Learning Credits, Further and Higher Education scheme changes

modChanges to the Enhanced Learning Credits and Further Education and Higher Education schemes come into effect from 1 April 2016. The Ministry of Defence promotes… More information

Story of the first ever woman to pilot 50 Spitfires during Second World War

spitfireWhen a working-class girl from a Gloucestershire market town became one of the first-ever women to pilot 50 Spitfires, eyebrows were… More information

Service Complaints Ombudsman Annual Report 2015

complaintsThe Annual Report for the Armed Forces Service Complaints Ombudsman is now available online, together with a separate RAF Factsheet showing… More information

Last chance to have your say

COVENANTTuesday 3rd May is the deadline to complete the Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FamCAS). The annual FamCAS covers key issues that impact you, as a service family, and shapes the work of… More information

RAF Wittering Runner Completes First London Marathon

witteringRoyal Air Force Wittering runner Sergeant Steve Green completed his first London marathon on Sunday 24th April in a blistering 2 hours and… More information

Appointment times extended for CarillionAmey

CARILLIONCarillionAmey are extending their appointment times which will come into force on… More information

Short piece on Britain’s F-35B fighter jets in action

f35As Tweeted by DComOps, Greg Bagwell, “a nice piece from The Telegraph which gives some insight into this incredible… More information


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