A friendly ‘chase’ to those of you Living-in on your Units

living-in2Help us to provide a voice for you as Serving personnel who ‘Live in’ either permanently or during the week by completing our short online survey. We need as many of your to share your views and the good as well as the bad! So far just over 1500 of you have had your say… More information

Living-in personnel survey

slaIf you live in, either permanently or just during the week, here’s your opportunity to have your say about a range of issues from accommodation to morale… More information

Accommodation Matters

HOUSE 3Accommodation Matters, the regular insert in our quarterly magazine ‘Envoy’, written by the Federation’s housing specialist. I may be jumping the gun here but, based on the… More information

Housing does matter – an extract from Envoy magazine

HOUSEHousing Matters is the regular insert in our quarterly magazine, ‘Envoy’ and is written by the… More information

Change of rule benefits service couples

SLAPersonal Status Category 1s (PStatCat 1s) & 5s (PStatCat 5s) personnel – Single Living Accommodation (SLA)/Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) entitlements. JSP 464,The Tri Service Accommodation Regulations and JSP 754 (Tri Service Regulations for Pay & Charges) have been amended to give the… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

Rebasing shake-up to be announced today

REBASERebasing shake-up to be announced today. The Defence Secretary is expected announce today how rebasing will look in the future. It is thought the MoD is to spend £1.8 billion in a move to build 1,900 SFA and 7,800 SLA. The 2010 SDSR announced the complete withdrawal of troops from Germany and it expected the majority will  be back on UK soil by 2016 and the remainder by 2019. The MoD are saying this will … More information

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