Our Stories in RAF News – Damp and Mould

Periodically in RAF News the Federation uses the evidence someone has provided to illustrate a topic of concern. The cases illustrate where policy is not quite fair or is outdated, or where there is disadvantage purely because that someone is a member of an RAF family. Here we feature two further stories: Sibling Schooling. “Dear RAF FF, We have just been posted, only to find that the local primary schools are full and our two children have been allocated places in schools fifteen miles apart. The Local Authority won’t budge and we are at our wit’s end. Mould: “Dear RAF FF. We are having real problems with damp and mould and are being bounced between DIO and MHS. I was advised by the doctor that a pre-existing condition was being aggravated by the spores. I am also pregnant and concerned for the health of our unborn child. Why will no-one acknowledge that these houses have a major problem and actually do something about it…More information »

Don’t Bottle it Up

Today is World Mental Health Day. To mark the Army’s mental health campaign ‘Don’t Bottle It Up’ SSgt Vicky Charnock (33) shares her battle with depression to encourage others to face up to what might be the problem. She served in Bosnia, The Falklands, Germany, NI and Afghanistan. Vicky says: “I didn’t really notice the signs and symptoms for what they were and the diagnosis came like a bolt out of the blue…More information »

Pregnancy in the RAF – Maintaining a work/life balance

The RAF has issued two booklets on Pregnancy. One for Servicewomen and one for Line Managers. The information sets out the general provisions and aims to make experience of a working pregnancy within the RAF as stress-free as possible. AMP said, “I am very clear about the importance of encouraging work/life balance and as such the Employment Policy team have been focusing on improvements to the provision…More information »

Health concerns over Sodium Dichromate

An article in The Sun reports health concerns of a former SAC after he and colleagues were potentially exposed to sodium dichromate whilst guarding the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant in Iraq in 03. A MoD statement reads: ‘The RAF and MoD take this potential exposure of personnel very seriously. All UK personnel who may have been exposed were identified at the time and medical screening offered’. If you are worried…More information »

Strategic Health Partnership to help Personnel

The Royal British Legion and Combat Stress have joined in partnership to carry out a three year programme focusing on the mental health needs of Armed Forces Services. This Department of Health Strategic Partnership programme seeks to cover a broad range of health issues faced by the Armed Forces community. A website in support of this work has now gone live…More information »

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In Recognition of Problems Caused by Service

The Armed Forces mental health services are to receive a £7.2m boost under new plans announced by the Government. Liam Fox, said: “In the course of their service the men and women of our Armed Forces go willingly into situations that test them to the limits. They see and experience things most of us will never have to face. It is easy to recognise physical injuries but some will have mental scars too…

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Emotional Distress

Doctors estimate that 1 in 4 of us suffer some kind of mental health problem. In Andrew Murrison’s report into mental health in the UK Armed Forces he cited Big White Wall in one of his recommendations. A pioneering on-line service Big White Wall offers support to those suffering emotional distress. The site is anonymous and safe to access and is there for Service personnel and their families…  More information »
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