2015 Pay Announcement – on to next year’s recommendation

PAYOur survey results will be fed to AFPRB for consideration towards next year’s survey. Please go online and complete our short survey to help us… More information

Pay: What is your thinking?

Pay survey pigWelcome to our survey asking for your views and comments on Pay & Quality of Life. This is YOUR chance to give YOUR opinions on PAY, Work/life balance, Service pension, Your own home, Leave entitlement, Deployment, Allowances, Debt and more… YOUR evidence will help inform the Armed Forces Pay Review Body when we present to them in the Autumn. Please complete this 5 minute survey TODAY! More information

If Money means Something – Please respond. Only 3 days left…

There are only three days left to respond to our pay and pension survey which closes on 30 Jun 12. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions on money issues giving the RAF FF evidence to try and secure a pay increase for Apr 13. As the Armed Forces is relinquished from the two year pay freeze there is not much on the table but we need the evidence to say that RAF personnel deserve something…More information »

You have filled in the Pay Survey – But has your other half?… IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!

For the month June we have been running a survey on Pay, Pensions and other money issues. If you are Serving, or are a spouse/partner of someone who is, we would would really like you to complete it. Please also add your thoughts. The answers are anonymous but the results and your comments will form part of the evidence we present to AFPRB in oral session as they make recommendations on the next pay…More information »

Let’s Secure a 1% Pay Increase and Protect the X Factor – RAF FF Survey on Pay

Along with other public sector employees, the Armed Forces are restricted to a max 1% pay rise in the next pay round but even that 1% it is not guaranteed… We need to make sure we put persuasive evidence to the AFPRB this Autumn that demonstrates that, after 2 years of pay freeze it is time to redress the balance. 2012 is also a year to review the X-Factor, an important element of Service pay, which is currently valued at 14%. We need to maintain…More information »

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