School pupils design rocket powered cars at RAF Wittering

Rocket powered micro-dragsters raced at RAF Wittering today when primary and secondary school teams competed in the regional finals of Bloodhound SSC Race for the Line… More information

How to propel a car to 1,000 mph: The Bloodhound

YOUTUBERAF Chief Technician Tony Dineen shows you around Wing Commander Andy Green’s ‘office’ and explains how the hybrid rocket and… More information

Bloodhound Rocket Car Experience

BLOODHOUNDThe BLOODHOUND Team is building the ultimate jet and rocket powered racing car. However, the primary aim of the Project is not speed, it’s to inspire the next generation of… More information

Airmen keep their feet on the ground to help build new supersonic car

BLOODHOUNDSupersonic aircraft technicians have temporarily traded the sky for land as they work on a hyper-car that could break the land-speed record. The team of four men from 71 (Inspection and Repair) Squadron, based at RAF Wittering, have been asked to help with… More information

Supersonic Car Gets Boost From RAF

Today saw the grand unveiling of a new exhibit at the Coventry Transport Museum.Huge excitement is building in Bristol as top Royal Air Force aerospace engineers get to work on Wing Commander Andy Green’s supersonic 1000 mph Bloodhound jet and rocket… More information

Be part of history supporting Bloodhound

BLOODHOUNDBreaking the 1000mph barrier! After 70 man years of research and development, BLOODHOUND SSC starts racing in 2015. In autumn 2015 BLOODHOUND SSC will travel to South Africa to beat the… More information

Armed Forces Charity Breaks Guinness World Record

BloodhoundWorld Record Breaking 1,000mph BLOODHOUND K’NEX Replica Unveiled. Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) has smashed the Guinness World Record for the Largest K’NEX Structure, by building a replica of the Bloodhound… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

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