Morale and Redundancies

MORALEA story in today’s Daily Telegraph claims that Under Secretary of State for Defence, Lord Astor of Hever, has admitted that redundancies across the Armed Forces has harmed morale amongst Service personnel, and that the MoD has selected personnel for… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

MoD comments Service Pension Payments

PENSIONAn article in the Times claims the MoD is reviewing pension rules with regard to breaks in service and immediate departure payments. In response the MoD has issued the following statement:  “We are aware that a few individuals who… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

Redundancy Tranche 2 Announcement – 17 Jan 12

Tranche 2 of the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme will be announced on 17 Jan 12. The RAF will publish arrangements at the same time as the RN and Army. Tranche 2 is to be the last tranche of redundancies for the RAF and RN, although a small number of further redundancies may be required. Eligible personnel will have until 28 Feb 12 to submit applications and notifications of redundancies will be issued 12 Jun 12…More information »

REDUNDANCY – Helping you to do the Maths

An on-line calculator has been launched by the MoD to assist those contemplating redundancy to do the maths. The Armed Forces Redundancy Calculator, as it is known, is available via the MoD website and is able to forecast the monetary effects of Armed Forces Redundancy Programme for individuals personal circumstances. It should however only be used as a guide…More information »

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