Supporting our spouses in running their own businesses

Here are some more successful businesses run by our own RAF Family members. All part of our special 12-page pullout in the Summer edition of Envoy magazine. Sign up now (it’s free) if you’d like a copy!… More information

Supporting RAF spouses in Business – Asali Designs

The Summer edition of Envoy magazine has a 12-page pullout section called ‘Spouses in Business and Employment’ which highlights, among other things some of our RAF spouses who already run their own businesses. Here’s our featured article on ASALI Designs… More information

Envoy magazine is now available online

The Summer edition of Envoy magazine is now available online with our feature article focusing on the Typhoon Display Pilot 2018. If you prefer a hard copy of your own and don’t already subscribe, you can register to receive Envoy at home, free of charge! More information

The Spring edition of Envoy magazine is out!

Envoy magazine is produced by the RAF Families Federation for all RAF personnel and their families… More information

The Winter edition of Envoy magazine is now out!

This special anniversary edition of Envoy magazine is now available with a scannable interactive cover where you can watch the Queens Colour Squadron actually marching! It’s free of charge to all personnel as well as your family members… More information

Medical Reservists on the frontline of trauma care

In the operations room of the Royal Air Force medical facility a radio crackles into life. The assorted medical staff immediately take notice – news is coming in of an IED explosion and small-arms fire hitting a nearby patrol… More information

Autumn edition of Envoy magazine now out!

Envoy magazine is produced quarterly by the RAF Families Federation for all RAF personnel and their families. You can sign up now, free of charge, ready to receive the Autumn edition… More information

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