That is not why these dogs were put down…

DOGThe media has reported that two military working dogs at RAF Valley have been euthanised. The reports claim there is a link between their demise and the departure of Prince William from… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

Flt Lt Wales completes his final tour of duty with RAF SAR

SARThe Duke of Cambridge has completed his tour of duty with the Search and Rescue Force at RAF Valley. During his last shift, Flt Lt William Wales and his crew had… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

A Day in the Life of Flt Lt Wales

A new Royal website has been set up to feature the public life and work of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The pages include a section on the Day in the Life of Flt Lt Wales. Unfortunately, some of the photographs used have already caused embarrassment. In shots showing the Prince at work on the sqn at RAF Valley there is sensitive information on show. As a precaution RAF staff have reset passwords…More information »

Flt Lt Wales gains his Operational Captaincy

Prince William has qualified as a Search and Rescue Operational Captain. The qualification means Flt Lt Wales is now able to lead rescues in a RAF Sea King in all weathers, day or night. OC 22 Sqn Wg Cdr Mark ‘Sparky’ Dunlop, said: “Flt Lt Wales demonstrated the required standards needed for the award of Operational Captaincy. Because of the nature of SAR ops, the required standards are always set very high…More information »

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