Our Stories in RAF News – Child Benefit Double Blow

Periodically in RAF News the Federation uses the evidence someone has provided to illustrate a topic of concern. The cases illustrate where policy is deemed as not quite fair or is outdated, or where there is disadvantage purely because that someone is a member of an RAF family. This case tells of an unhappy spouse who is worried enough to write to ask about the changes to Child Benefit payments. They wonder if the Government is really going to double punish supportive partners of the military who struggle to have careers and make pension contributions by taking away the entitlement to Child Benefit too. They already feel partners are penalised because most are only able to take up minor, low-paid jobs because of moves every 1-2 years – and are certainly not in a position to have two £40k incomes. They believe this is a serious disadvantage us in comparison to civilians…More information »

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