Improvements to Mare Harbour jetty complete on the Falkland Islands

The Defence Infrastucture Organisation (DIO) officially opened the new jetty in Mare Harbour in the Falkland Islands this week. Our blog gives a behind the scenes look into the work to build this essential lifeline for service personnel and civilians, shared by David Graham from DIO… More information

Defence Secretary sees brighter future on Falklands visit

FALLONThe Defence Secretary has said there is a real opportunity to build positive relations between the UK, the Falkland Islands and her South American… More information

Brave brothers of the RAF Police

DOGSThe military has always had proud traditions of families following each other into service and also offering a chance to make more out of life. Both are apparent in the story of… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

30 Years after the Falklands Conflict

Services of remembrance for the 255 British military personnel who lost their lives in the brief but bloody Falklands conflict in 1982, as well as for the survivors, have been taking place in the UK and in the South Atlantic. Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands, said: “The tremendous achievement of 30 years ago is now part of the fabric of these islands. Only by walking the battlefields physically understanding…More information »

Confirming the end of RAF SAR

In a written ministerial statement, Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey, has confirmed the MoDs intention to end the military provision of search and rescue helicopter services. Military provision of SAR cover of the UK and Falkland Islands will end in Apr 16 with the retirement of the Sea King. The announcement comes as part of the long running Defence Rotary Wing Capability Study…More information »

Surgeon Captain Morgan O’Connell on BFBS this Sunday

Forces Life on BFBS this Sunday has an extended interview with Surgeon Capt Morgan O’Connell, former Consultant Advisor in Psychiatry to the Medical Director General (Navy). During his time, Morgan introduced the SPRINT (Special Psychological Rapid Intervention Team), the forerunner of the TRIM. He reflects on the period of the Falklands conflict when dealing with those under fire in the heat of battle and how he…More information »

Falklands Most Daring Raid

‘Falklands most Daring Raid’ is on Channel 4 at 6pm on Sun 18 Mar 12 and is the unbelievable story of a mission that changed the outcome of The Falklands War. This gripping 1 hour film tells the humorous and heroic account of how a crumbling, Cold War-era Vulcan flew a classic British derring-do raid that denied Argentinean invaders of the Falklands access to the Islands main airport…More information »

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