Latest School Admissions Code is good news for families

SCHOOL ADMISSIONSChildren eligible for the Service Pupil Premium can receive priority (along with other groups of Pupil Premium children) in oversubscribed schools, and Service children feature on the priority… More information

Back at School – Say they are ‘Service’ and the School can claim £300

CHILDRENService parents with children in State funded schools in England are encouraged to ensure that the Head Teacher of their Child(ren)’s school is made aware of their ‘Service’ status for the Spring School Census which will be conducted on 17 Jan 13. This is the only way the school can then claim the Service Pupil Premium, worth £300 per child, to provide pastoral and/or other additional support for their Service children…More information »

Service Pupil Premium Extended

It has been announced that the Service Pupil Premium is being extended to state-maintained schools in England. Children of military personnel who have died in service will be eligible and children of military personnel will continue to qualify up to six year after their parents have left the Armed Forces. The amount paid to schools for each eligible child will increase to £300 in 2013-14. Let the school know by 17 Jan 13…More information »

Government gives extra funds to injured personnel, Service children and Reserves

The Government is showing commitment to Armed Forces personnel by giving extra financial support to injured Service personnel, Service children and Reserves. There is a £5 million boost for the Headley Court; The Pupil Premium is increased from £250 to £300 per pupil and in a new measure civil servants from Government Departments who volunteer as Reservists will be guaranteed a 10 days Special Paid Leave…More information »

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