Why should the RAF engage with the Armed Forces Covenant?

COVENANTWhen Patrick Eade of BFBS visited units at Tidworth, Colchester, Ballykinler and Herford it become obvious to him that a large percentage of the forces and their families hadn’t… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

A special Facebook Group for Parents of those in the RAF

Patrick BillOn Forces Life on BFBS with Patrick Eade, Patrick speaks with Bill Mahon, Director of the RAF Families Federation, about the special Facebook group that the Federation hosts for parents of… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link

The Future is NEM – so please get involved

NEMPatrick Eade of BFBS with Forces Life…has been chatting with Bill Mahon, the Director of the RAF Families Federation. It’s a time of great change for all three… More information. If you are using a MOBILE DEVICE please use this link


Six months in…

RAF FF DirectoPatrick Billr, Bill Mahon talks to Patrick Eade, BFBS, about how things are looking 6 mths into his tenure and how the Federation is tackling the issues. Bill also discusses pay, rebasing, loss of RAF SAR, NEM… More information

The Director talks on BFBS Radio

BILL MAHONDirector of the RAF Families Federation, Bill Mahon, has been speaking to Patrick Eade of BFBS Radio on the latest from the Federation. Bill speaks briefly about his meeting with the Minister, Mark Francois, and about the good news of the Armed Forces Covenant. Bill believes the Covenant is a good thing but that the government must realise RAF Families are still bruised and that it appears to personnel and families that the government is giving with one hand and taking away with the other. Bill urges all to have a look at the Covenant Annual Report, even if it is only to read the executive summary and the RAF Families Federation comments on page 11. He believes the Covenant is working in areas of Education, Health and Housing but that there is still much to be done…More information »

Your words are put before the Armed Forces Pay Review Body

Bill Mahon, Director of the RAF Families Federation, sat face to face with the Armed Forces Review Body last week to put before them the case for RAF families. The subject of pay and allowances is very close to people’s hearts and Bill was able to make a strong case, thanks to the huge response to the Federation’s survey conducted in June. Here Bill speaks to Patrick Eade of BFBS Radio on what he said and how it was received. Bill makes the point that it is only the three Families Federations that get to see ‘the whites of their eyes’ as he put it, and express directly the families view…More information

The New Director speaks to BFBS

Bill Mahon, the new Director of the RAF Families Federation, talks to Patrick Eade on BFBS about his new role, his view of the RAF Families Federation and the importance of Serving RAF personnel and their families completing the survey on Support given to RAF Families. THE SURVEY: Now open on our website, and for the 30 days of Sep, is the RAF FF survey ‘Support given to RAF Families’. The RAF FF is preparing to engage with the RAF and those who provide welfare and in this survey we explore the support available to members of RAF families. The 21st Century RAF family comes in all shapes and sizes. Many live on base, others do not. So what type of support do these differing family members need and are these needs met? Are serving personnel and families aware of the support already available? Our survey seeks to answer these questions and help the RAF develop welfare support for the future…More information »

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