DIO, the RAF and CarillionAmey discuss infra spending and customer delivery

CarillionAmey share with the FF about a meeting they hosted discussing their vision for RAF Infrastructure spending and customer delivery as the RAF prepare for the transfer of infrastructure budgets… More information

Update on Carillion: Defence services to continue uninterrupted

Following this morning’s announcement regarding the financial situation of Carillion, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has told the RAF Families Federation that there will be no direct impact on services provided directly to those working for Defence, their families and the continuing work of the department… More information

New digital communication channels for those living in SFA

CarillionAmey has been rolling out its new digital communication channels. This is aimed at making things easier for you to talk to the team via webchat, text message, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter… More information

Important safety reminder for those living in SFA

Window safety: During the warmer weather, we all like to let fresh air into our homes, especially at night. Please take time to… More information

Service Family Accommodation – Who is responsible for what?

DIO has created a short video “We all have a part to play”. The video illustrates the responsibilities of everyone – Service families, MOD, CarillionAmey, Front Line Commands and DIO – when it comes to accommodation… More information

SFA Housing Portal changes put on hold

tempoDue to issues and new ideas emerging from joint testing of the proposed Housing Portal changes, it has been agreed to put the launch on hold while it is… More information

Window safety

sfa-dioIf you have small children or vulnerable individuals in the house, it is a good idea to regularly check that any window restrictors you have in place are working – and look around the window area for… More information

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