HASC Closed in preparation for Self-Preference.

In preparation for the launch of the new e-1132 Self Preference System on Wed 20 Jun 12, the HASC telephone lines are closed today, Tue 19 Jun 12. In addition, the existing e-1132 form is also unavailable to users on Tue 19 Jun 12. The new e-1132 Self Preference system and the HASC telephone lines reopen for business at 8.30am on Wed 20 Jun 12…More information »

Budget Impact on the Armed Forces

In his budget speech, the Chancellor has identified a £2.4 billion saving by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan earlier that originally planned. Specifically for the Armed Forces: Family welfare grant to be doubled; Council tax relief for armed forces to be doubled; Extra £100m to improve Service accommodation – funded by £2.4bn savings…More information »

Scaremongering over Service Accommodation

Following media coverage in The Times and elsewhere, several families have been in contact seeking reassurance of the future provision of Service accommodation. Chairman of the RAF Families Federation, said: “As far as I know, no decisions has been made and the MoD staffs are working on the New Employment Model, which could potentially make recommendations regarding the future provision of Service accommodation. These are still at a very early stage, with many options still being considered… Any major policy proposals associated with accommodation provision are likely to take some considerable time, with estimates that elements of the New Employment Model, assuming it is adopted by the MoD, could take ten years to implement in full…I would like to reassure all RAF families that their independent Federation is actively engaged with the policy staff…More information »

RAF FF gives evidence to Defence Committee on Service Accommodation

Dawn McCafferty, Chairman of the RAF Families Federation, has given evidence to the House of Commons Defence Committee on Service Accommodation. Dawn sat alongside her colleagues from the NFF and AFF. The Inquiry, entitled ‘The Armed Forces Covenant in Action – Service Accommodation’ explored accommodation-related issues, including the value Service personnel and their families place on Service-provided accommodation; the condition and maintenance of Service housing; aspirations for homeownership and barriers to the housing market for mobile families; and some fascinating discussion about the ’21st Century Family’. Dawn drew on evidence provided by RAF family members…More information »

DIO ask all SFA Applicants to use the e-1132

The e-1132 is the electronic version of ‘Application to occupy Service Family Accommodation’ and was launched just over a year ago. As well as improving the efficiency of the allocations service, DIO firmly believe many more Service personnel would benefit from the advantages using the e-1132 has to offer. In their bid to speed up their processes from 1 Dec 11 illegible paper versions will be returned…More information »

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