Millions invested in pilot training at state-of-the-art helicopter centre

The Ministry of Defence has announced an over £90 million investment in a world-leading helicopter simulation centre to help train the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy helicopter pilots of the future… More information

RAF Kick Start the Paralympics

The crew of a RAF Puma helicopter have kick-started the opening of the Paralympic Games by helping to unveil the official logo in Edinburgh. Cpl Lindsey Allan from the RAF Regt’s 4 Force Protection Wg and Cpl Steven Evans from the RAF Regt Training Wg performed a fast-rope drop from the aircraft to pass two arrows to Cpl Shaun Gibson who was waiting.Cpl Lindsey Allan said: “It was amazing…More information »

RAF Help Combat Fires on Slopes of Mt Kenya

RAF and Army personnel are helping to put out a fire on the slopes of Mount Kenya. A RAF Puma was scrambled to carry out an initial reconnaissance of the blaze following a request for help by the Kenya Wildlife Service. Wg Cdr Polly Perkins, said: A joint RAF/Army team has deployed to the Mt Kenya to take command of the military operation to put out the fires already reported to have consumed hundreds of acres…See full details

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The future of the Puma

A story in the Sun about the possible chopping of RAF Pumas has attracted the following comment from the MoD: “Final decisions have yet to be taken, but this annual review process rightly considers the status of all our key programmes to ensure continued coherence and balance.The Defence Board is considering a number of recommendations looking at the military’s priorities for how the equipment budget should…More information »

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