DIO, the RAF and CarillionAmey discuss infra spending and customer delivery

CarillionAmey share with the FF about a meeting they hosted discussing their vision for RAF Infrastructure spending and customer delivery as the RAF prepare for the transfer of infrastructure budgets… More information

Improvements to Mare Harbour jetty complete on the Falkland Islands

The Defence Infrastucture Organisation (DIO) officially opened the new jetty in Mare Harbour in the Falkland Islands this week. Our blog gives a behind the scenes look into the work to build this essential lifeline for service personnel and civilians, shared by David Graham from DIO… More information

Revealing the secrets of Cyprus: Ancient Akrotiri Project

Phil Abramson, an Archaeology Advisor in DIO shares through his blog about a multi-disciplinary project using archaeological excavation, survey, geo-morphology and marine archaeology to get to grips with how the peninsula has been formed and exploited over several thousands of years… More information

Further update on the SFA Compensation Scheme – High Street Vouchers issue

Good news following DIO’s news story on experiencing problems in issuing High Street Vouchers through the SFA Compensation Scheme… More information

SFA Customer Satisfaction Survey

DIO has appointed a new supplier to carry out the regular SFA customer satisfaction survey. In future, Opinion Research Service (ORS) will be carrying out these short phone surveys… More information

Important safety reminder for those living in SFA

Window safety: During the warmer weather, we all like to let fresh air into our homes, especially at night. Please take time to… More information

Service Family Accommodation – Who is responsible for what?

DIO has created a short video “We all have a part to play”. The video illustrates the responsibilities of everyone – Service families, MOD, CarillionAmey, Front Line Commands and DIO – when it comes to accommodation… More information
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