HASC and Helpdesk Easter Opening

HASCThe Housing Allocations Service Centre (HASC) will close its telephone lines at 12 noon on Thu 28 Mar 13 reopening at 0830hrs on Tue 2 Apr 13. The online application system will continue to be available throughout the Easter period. The maintenance Helpdesks will also remain open during the Easter period for… More information

IMMEDIATE – e-1132 System Failure

We have received notification from DIO Ops that the system platform used for e-1132 online applications has been affected by an IT outage in the Hemel Hempstead area. This means that, at the moment, customers and users do not have access to these systems. A further note will follow once more information becomes available…More information »

“The MoD is sending the wrong signals to Forces Families on Accommodation”

‘The MoD is sending the wrong signals to Forces families about the value it places on providing good accommodation.’ These are the words of the Defence Committee in its report, published today (26 Jun 12), on Forces Accommodation. Evidence given to the Committee showed that Armed Forces personnel and their families valued accommodation very highly and saw it as part of their terms and conditions of employment…More information »

HASC – New Map and Contact Details for Customers

A new Housing Allocations Service Centre (HASC) area map has been issued by DIO. The map also provides contact details. Whilst Service personnel are encouraged to use the e-1132 when applying for a quarter there may be occasion where customers need to send information to the HASC. DIO have therefore listed postal address, fax numbers and email addresses…More information »

DIO Trouble…

Families may be aware DIO are going through some significant changes at the moment. Unanticipated problems and delays with the recruitment process, which are outside the control of DIO, means the HASC teams are not yet at their required manning levels and DIO have had to make the decision to continue with their limited hours of operation. The Federation team is closely monitoring the situation and all evidence…More information »

Taking longer to get through to the Housing Allocations Service?

As DIO move from 7 Housing Information Offices around the country to one Housing Allocations Service Centre it is causing issues. DIO are aware that some customers are finding it takes longer to get through to a customer adviser. They apologise for any inconvenience and say they are urgently addressing the situation to re-establish their customer service levels…More information »

Our Stories in RAF News – No Urgency from the Local Authority

Periodically in RAF News the Federation uses the evidence someone has provided to illustrate a topic of concern. The cases illustrate where policy is not quite fair or is outdated, or where there is disadvantage purely because that someone is a member of an RAF family. This time we feature a family moving out of the RAF and keen to be allocated Local Authority Housing. Although accepted onto the waiting list after providing the ‘Certificate of Cessation to Occupy SFA’ issued by DIO, the family are very worried that their impending homelessness doesn’t seem to be being considered with any urgency by the Local Authority and think they may have to resort to sleeping in their car until they are allocated a house…More information »

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