A new power in the Service complaints system

COMPLAINTSFrom early 2016 the Service Complaints Ombudsman will bring a new independent voice to the Service complaints system… More information

Select Committee Announcement

On the 26 November 2014, the Defence Committee held a pre-appointment hearing with Nicola Williams, the Government’s preferred candidate for the post of Service Complaints Commissioner. The Committee publishes a… More informationMOD

Complaints about Complaints

COMPLAINTSThe House of Commons Defence Committee is calling on the Government to change the role of the Service Complaints Commissioner to one of an Armed Forces Ombudsman. Chair of the Committee James Arbuthnnot said “The Service complaints system is an important part of ensuring the duty of care owed to personnel…There are too many reports of personnel being reluctant to raise genuine complaints and grievances…More information »

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